Reinhart posted a photo while in France of a graffitied wall. Reinhart told Ocean Drive in 2018 that Sprouse has helped the cast of « Riverdale » to deal with life in the public eye because he’s been doing it since he was a child. « Being in a relationship with someone, it’s a relationship between those two people, and I feel like when you let enough people in, it’s not about those two people anymore. It’s about everyone. » Lili Reinhart said she likes to keep her private life out of the public eye. However, he posted a similar photo of another costar, Madelaine Petsch, with the same caption. Here’s a timeline of the on-again, off-again relationship between the two « Riverdale » stars.

« Meet my little Bear 🧸 » she captioned a carousel of photos of the pup. Bear has appeared to adapt to the model’s busy lifestyle, accompanying her on work trips and photo shoots. While her life as a model appears to be filled with travel and lots of great fashion, as evidenced by her Instagram, she told Folio Montreal that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than most people think. « People don’t realize that it’s not as glamorous as it seems, it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance, » she said. « 2 years ??! Someone please explain to me how did it go by so fast 🫀❤️, » the model captioned a series of photobooth images of the couple on Instagram. North Korea publicly executed six-months pregnant mother, carried out human experiments and forced women…

After « close sources » stayed quiet during the duration of Reinhart and Sprouse’s relationship, their breakup brought several out of the woodwork. « Now that filming is happening again, it is very likely they will mend the relationship and get back together, » the insider shagaholic ban claims. « They spend A LOT of time together on set. They have a lot of chemistry and it’s hard for them to deny that they truly care about each other. » The minute Riverdale premiered on The CW in January 2017, its cast of young stars became tabloid fodder.

« They both know their communication is better when they are together in person, and it just wasn’t working. » News, the distance between the two actors due to social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic played a part in their relationship’s demise. « Distance is never good for their relationship. They decided not to quarantine together and knew off the bat that it wasn’t going to work, » a source told E! Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart called it quits after nearly two years of dating, but they’ll still play a romantic couple on ‘Riverdale. And so far the only thing I have on there is a menu from Pop’s.

March 25, 2018

Casey shared the news with a cute selfie with his fiancée, showing off the ring. Unfortunately, we don’t know her name, but the pair seems so happy together. In honor of Lili’s 23rd birthday, Cole posted the cutest quartet of photos on Instagram, featuring the couple embracing and making out. « Quotes taken from my most recent interview are not about a ‘breakup,’ she tweeted after many outlets began reporting them as such. « They are about the depression I’ve felt over these last few months. Tired of people taking my words out of context and piecing together their own story for clickbait. » In an interview with GQ, Sprouse shared that fans of « Sprousehart » have reacted poorly to his current relationship with French-Canadian model Ari Fournier.

During the press tour for the film, Sprouse sounded off on his relationship to Glamour, when he described a « road-trip date » to Canada he took Reinhart on. « I surprised her with a big hot-air balloon adventure, which was quite a bit of fun, » Sprouse recalled. « I like traveling quite a bit. I like road-tripping. Those grand experiences always end up yielding the greatest memories—and the greatest romances. » At a PaleyFest panel with the cast of Riverdale, questions from the audience permitted some sly fan interrogation. During the Q&A, a young girl straight-up asks Sprouse and Reinhart if they are dating. After a few seconds of tense awkwardness and Reinhart covering her face, Sprouse gives the most charged « No comment » .

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Lili and Cole are taking on the City of Love together and they look chic af doing it. Maybe the two just needed to get away from filming Riverdale season 3 so they flew off to France as a spontaneous, beautiful act of love? Seriously is that a Renaissance painting of a gorgeous queen or a modern shot of Lili Reinhart? « Maybe your mother inspired this in you, but you are by nature a caretaker and an extremely nurturing person. You just want to make people feel better and help people get through whatever they’re getting through. »

May 7, 2018: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart make their couple debut at the Met Gala

Nicholas plays Julian Blossom, a bully who “always gets his way”, according to Deadline. “He often butts heads with his twin sister, but is also an antagonist to all of our teen characters, most especially Archie,” the description adds. Two years after she starred in a national Coca-Cola ad campaign, Petsch was cast as Cheryl Blossom in 2016.

And, indeed, Riverdale fans can’t accept the break-up that happened between Cole’s and Lili Reinhart. This unique pair was spotted in several places in Canada, including Vancouver, on March 7th, 2021. But back in March 2020, Cole posted on Instagram that they are no longer living together. After their break-up, Lili decided to come out as bisexual.

Lili Reinhart

She signed the contract and started modeling while continuing her studies as well. Apart from their on-screen chemistry, they had an amazing off-screen relationship as well. In 2017, it was reported that Reinhart and Sprouse have started dating each other, but nothing was confirmed. They made their official red carpet debut at the Met Gala in 2018. But they were always secretive about their relationship and believed that they don’t need to talk about their love stories in public.



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