Narcissists can have a superiority complex, which makes people feel that they have high self-esteem, but in reality, they don’t. However, people with very strong feelings of inferiority have a hard time convincing themselves that they have actually achieved enough. To compensate, Adler argues that these people play up their accomplishments and opinions to make themselves feel better.

This can make it harder for people to put effort into any one relationship, as they are constantly wondering if there might be someone better out there. One of the primary criticisms of dating apps is that they tend to focus on superficial qualities rather than deeper compatibility. Users are often swiping through potential matches based on their physical appearance rather than considering their personalities or values. This can lead to a culture of shallow and superficial dating, where people are judged solely on their looks and not their character.

Superiority complex vs. god complex

This is often a non-starter for a long-term, loving relationship, and such cases typically end in divorce after a relatively short time. Considering your partner to be inferior to you injects lethal poison into the relationship. The most common trigger for developing a savior complex is helping someone, usually in a way that gets you a lot of appreciation. When such a good thing happens, you start wanting to do it more, to be even more appreciated. To avoid falling into this, you should be content with what you’ve accomplished. Don’t start thinking you have to do more just to be appreciated.

Accordingly, they may be viewed in a negative light by those around them, since they are not concerned with the opinions of others about themselves. Ada Kahn has argued that the superiority and inferiority complexes cannot both be found in the same individual, since an individual with a superiority complex truly believes that they are superior to others. Whether a superiority complex is a way of covering up your own feelings of inferiority or just an unsupported belief that you’re better than other people, having one is not good for your mental health. Superiority complexes were first identified by Alfred Adler, an early psychologist, in his theory of individual psychology. He defined superiority complexes as a reaction to a deep feeling of inferiority. It can be hard to deal with a superiority complex, but once you understand the symptoms, it’ll be easier to find the power to change.

These questions will reveal whether you have a savior complex or not. While a white knight may earn brownie points early in a relationship, not everyone is a princess who needs saving. A relationship built only on wanting to come to someone’s rescue has little room for actual love. If you’re constantly saving someone, can they ever learn anything about the real you? Not only that, there are other types of relationships out there – people who practicerelationship anarchymake it so that a white knight has little place in it.

Treatment options for the inferiority complex

Relationships are fragile, and they do require constant attention from the people involved. It will be difficult to sustain a relationship when only one of the partners is making an effort. Truth be told, every human being living on this planet has some issues about life and love. However, when those issues aren’t addressed, the effects of this condition can be unavoidable. “Superiority complex means you think you’re superior to others and therefore others are inferior to you,” Zuckerman says.

It’s easy to write someone off as being a narcissist or having a superiority complex. But it can be a way to also blame and write off the other person entirely, and not look at ourselves. It comes from the way a child must absolutely depend on parents. If parents don’t encourage a child’s gradual independence, this can leave the child floundering in feelings of incompetence.

Is having a savior complex a terrible thing?

Researchers suggest that while some people insist that they are always right, all of us feel good when the beliefs we think are important are confirmed. ANN ARBOR—No one likes smug know- it-all friends, relatives or co-workers who believe their knowledge and beliefs are superior to others. Discover five ways to make the most out of the marketing, networking and personal and professional development opportunities a professional conference affords you. Here’s how to fly first class on every flight, business or personal. While they can be useful for meeting people, it’s essential to approach them cautiously and be aware of their limitations. Ultimately, the best way to find a meaningful relationship is by getting to know someone in person through genuine interactions and communication.

Avoiding interaction with people you think are superior

Instead of celebrating your performance achievement, you get mad or feel criticized for not doing better. Social connection is a human need and helps keep you balanced, provides peer validation and gives a sense of belonging. Perhaps you withdraw when you feel others perceive you wrong or don’t give you the admiration you crave. Removing yourself and going into isolation for long periods are linked to mood changes, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. But before detailing the signs, I’d like to point out that when it comes to self-image, there are those who think less of themselves and those who have an inflated sense of self .

He’s pretty inept with household chores himself but when his Eastern European wife ironed his shirt in a way he didn’t like, he ordered her to do it again. The last time I saw him iron something he got so angry that he couldn’t do it that he ripped the garment to shreds. I think people with superiority complexes need a metric fucktonne of help, myself. This is the condensed SFW account of his weirdness at any rate…



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