Sakura Hiden: Opinion away from Like, Riding Up on a spring Breeze

Fundamental blog post: The last: Naruto the movie 2 yrs adopting the Next Shinobi Globe War, Sai are drawing a vistas outside of Konohagakure in-between of your own evening, in order to see the moon’s lineage into the Planet and you can a good hooded shinobi driving on the a traveling animal while you are carrying the new unconscious Hanabi Hyuga, much to help you their treat. The guy attempted to chase just after them, merely to be used off prior to he might cut Hanabi. Immediately after reporting to your Sixth Hokage from the Hanabi becoming kidnapped because of the Toneri Otsutsuki, the guy meets with Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Hinata towards a mission to conserve their.

The group travelling because of the Sai’s ink projects where Hinata commentary towards the watching a glowing underground spring. Up on get to the spring season, Sai tells them the river will not make sure they are wet, making it simpler to search thanks to. Going into the lake, Hindu dating the group fell around a good genjutsu, having Sai hoping for his delighted feel with his brother until Sakura create them regarding the genjutsu. Subsequent dancing from spring, Sai, Shikamaru, and you will Sakura see Naruto and you will Hinata was basically abandoned but before capable pick things, he’s attacked by the Moon entrance’s Gatekeeper. The help of its mutual jobs, they managed to overcome they which have Sakura striking they plus the internal areas.

Immediately following Naruto was introduced off their anxiety of the Sakura, she and you can Sai visit rescue Hanabi when you find yourself Naruto and Shikamaru realize Hinata. After Toneri’s defeat, the team thoughts back to have Konoha. [31]

Even in the event no one are defectively hurt and there is no proof the 2 periods try connected, Kakashi wishes Sai to analyze both events by himself.

Sai fits with an enthusiastic informant just beyond Konoha and you may delivers your to investigate in the event the some criminals placed in the new Bingo Publication are at the rear of both attacks. When he productivity to the town, Sai are assaulted by the a few masked individuals. In the event all the criminals has a beneficial cloak from tailed beast chakra, he is able to push among them of and you can get one other. Sai initiate questioning this new captive, but once the man starts to act an excellent juinjutsu turns on and their system punches right up. Sai reports it so you can Kakashi. Each other keep in mind that the fresh new attacker’s suicidal juinjutsu is similar to exactly what Danzo Shimura used on their representatives. It, in addition to the proven fact that no body however, an Anbu could have also suspected Sai’s assignment meaning that proven to assault your, convinces Kakashi that it’s all section of a strategy concocted because of the Kido Tsumiki, a former friend in order to Danzo. Kakashi shows Sai to work his data towards Kido.

Chief post: Sakura Hiden: Advice from Love, Operating On a spring season Snap Kakashi fits which have Sai and you may says to your from the a few independent episodes because of the not familiar perpetrators from the Flames daimyo and Homura Mitokado

Sai uses Kido’s motions between their more hideouts for a few months, however, he’s got not a way of going to the any of them without revealing his exposure. Their informant desires a meeting and you will, indeed there, account a rumour regarding the Sasuke: he approached some possession dealers several weeks before seeking to weapons having a strike into the Konoha, then murdered the newest people when they don’t cooperate. The guy along with indicates that, pursuing the battle, he watched Anbu event examples regarding the Valley of one’s End and also the bridge where Sasuke fought Danzo. Sai will pay him for this guidance and requests some other fulfilling from inside the the long run.

Afterwards, because Naruto began relationships Hinata, the guy borrowed certainly one of Sai’s classes guides on relationships, including throughout the relationship protocol

In the event it will get obvious one to Sai’s analysis to your Kido is the same as Sakura and Ino’s investigation with the a keen impostor out of Sasuke, Kakashi merges the evaluation. Ino dubs by themselves Ino–Saku–Sai and additionally they vow to keep both informed of the conclusions. Eventually after, Ino visits Sai from the his where you can find improve him one to Sakura could have been caught of the Kido. Sai and you can Ino visit among Kido’s hideouts and you will Ino senses the interior to possess Sakura’s chakra. She isn’t really indeed there, however, Sai determines they must see just what intel they may be able score in any event. Ino uses your brain Human body Key Technique for the hideout’s sentry when you are Sai grabs her or him, the lady first-time having fun with such a tactic rather than Shikamaru and you can Choji. If the sentry, an associate out of Sai’s, try reluctant to respond to its concerns, Sai pushes Sakura’s whereabouts out of him of the tickling your having a paintbrush. They go into hide-out in which Sakura has been maintained Sai’s imitating bird. After they appear they find that Sakura has already escaped and you will is found on brand new unpleasant.

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