They’ll meddle in your dating life to get information on the time you spend in the kitchen. They also want to know the perks of being with a man with culinary skills. Will they, perhaps, consider being with one too? These are some of the reasons why people will ask a lot of questions.

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I no longer feel the need to dress up and put on my red lipstick because we’re just staying home and my stylish boots have been swapped for slippers. Honestly, as a chef myself, and someone who went to CIA and has been dating other chefs mainly for the past couple years. I understand the love for the food and the hustle and excitement of food, but a person can be able to show love and respect through being with/considering their person. As someone who gets to talk to a lot of chefs, i can understand the attraction.

The 3 Things Nobody Tells You About Dating a Chef

It looks like it’s emotional vs safety and practical. I’ve just taken the FOODSAFE course in preparation for entering university as a chef, and oh the bacteria! The bacteria that collects under those rings, even if they’re just plain bands, could make someone very sick, even with frequent and thorough handwashing.

Being in a relationship with a chef or someone who works in a professional kitchen is a lot of work and can be very lonely at times. If you are not absolutely sure you can deal with it for the long term, it’s probably better to call it off before you get too attached. Yeaeh you know ltrs are often about compromise. A woman or a man who has CHOSEN to be a chef of whatever kind has done so voluntarily and by choice. There are a whole variety of chefs also, and depending on work enviro.

Traffic and if I want to see him most of the time it’s me driving to him and sitting in his restaurant for three hours taking the 5 min he has here and there. He only has off Sunday and Monday and I work 9-5 during the week. When he is off he wants to sleep til noon. Aside from a movie, all we’ve ever done is eat out.

If we do get a day to spend together, he is usually so tired that I feel so bad to be taking his sleeping time away from him. That and the fact that he never gets to have his “own” time, because I obviously need time with him, makes me feel like I am a horrible girlfriend. I’ve dealt with so many of the same issues everyone has mentioned above. Having your friends and family not understand . Waking up in the middle of the night and they aren’t home and your mind starts wandering.

I do LOVE how this article doesn’t even leave a chance open that a chef could be a female, like myself and many of my friends. We go on weekend dates and have healthy sex lives and even have hobbies!! Yes, chef’s are typically extreme people who never sleep but we are more than capable of having healthy normal dating lives outside work. Article is silly and baseless and if you believe it I’m glad, you probably don’t deserve to be with someone as rad as a chef. Sex – I know it’s a delicate subject but it must be mentioned. Date a chef and you will not have much of it (unless you’re a server at his restaurant and you read a lot of Anthony Bourdain’s books).

The table is where everyone goes to congregate and get to know one another regardless of their relationship. Whether it’s a first date or you’re a seasoned couple, food’s really important when it comes to coupling up. She was a chef, working as a baker in New York.

Here are the 10 top reasons why you should consider dating a chef, according to our Team at Choco. Thinking of trying that packed, cozy uptown restaurant but you can’t seem to get an honest review off the Internet? The restaurant world is surprisingly small, which means your chef is going to know everywhere in the business — and be able to tell you what’s good where . Kneading bread and massaging flavors into a chuck roast for twenty minutes? A chef’s hands are his everything, and when it comes to you, he’ll know when to be gentle — and when to turn the pressure on.

Elizabeth Babcocksaid…I have been married to a chef for 8 years. I am now at the age where I’d really like to have children, but I just don’t see it happening because I would essentially be a single parent. Some of the comments here surprise me…women who are so willing to make so many sacrifices for their chef husbands, who in turn don’t or can’t make any sacrifices for them.



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